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LCSCA is first of all an academic centre that challenges antisemitism in universities and in writing, research and theory. We are a research hub that brings together networks of academics working to understand the antisemitism we see around us today, and to offer alternatives to antisemitic understandings of the world, including at the highest scholarly levels.

But we are also committed to communicating our work in ways that are accessible to wider and diverse layers of people, through journalism, blogs, podcasts, videos, events, social media as well as being able to help shape the policies and the norms of governments and other institutions.

We are hugely strengthened, both morally and materially, by a big, warm, community of people who get antisemitism and who want to support our work. Our ‘friends of the London Centre‘ feel that they are part of the London Centre; and we feel that they are with us in this work. 

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Joining us as a ‘friend’ is a way of saying that you are part of that community. If you want to be part of it, please think about signing up for £10 a month. If money is tight you can give less, if it isn’t, you can give more.

If you want to give seriously more, please hang on for a few weeks. We are working on setting the London Centre up, legally, as an educational charity, and we will be able to apply for Gift Aid.

‘we are strengthened morally and materially by a big, warm, community of people who get antisemitism and who oppose it.’

We will find ways to reciprocate that friendship, by giving people priority access to some of the things that we publish, or by telling ‘friends’ about events before we tell others, or by offering discounts or freebies, if, for example, we have to charge for an event in the future. And we will keep in touch via the Patreon website and app.

Support our important work and become a friend to the London Centre.

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