Join us on Monday, 3 June in London for the launch of an extraordinary anthology of 36 responses from academics and intellectuals around the world to the Hamas attack of 7 October.


Rosa Freedman, co-editor, University of Reading

David Hirsh, co-editor, Goldsmiths, University of London

Anna Zawadzka, contributor, Polish Academy of Sciences

Torkel Brekke, contributor, MF vitenskapelig høyskole, Oslo

Dr Sylvie Bacquet, University of Westminster

Daniel Sugarman, Director of Public Affairs, the Board of Deputies of British Jews

Eric Heinze, Queen Mary University of London

At a central London venue to be specified nearer the time.

This event will be recorded and the video will be published, but it will not be livestreamed

There will be an opportunity to buy signed copies of the anthology.

Monday 3 June at 17:00. Reserve your place here

“Many people responded to 7 October without stopping to take in what had happened. People hastily slotted the day’s events into pre-existing and inadequate frameworks of understanding. They glorified, denied, trivialised and victim blamed. This book offers a second chance to pause, to look and to listen, to think, and to feel. This is the pre-requisite for understanding.”

 “Antisemites project their own fantasies, actions and intentions onto Jews, so it is Israel that is accused of genocide. Jews have long warned of the consequences of Israel being defeated, but too many in our communities of scholarship thought we were exaggerating, generally they accused us of exaggerating in bad faith. It is frightening that now, when it is clear that nothing was exaggerated, that so many colleagues still show they will never stand with us.”

David Hirsh, co-editor and LCSCA Academic Director and CEO

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