Matthew Bolton & Daniel Randall talk: ‘Confronting Antisemitism’

24th March 2022

Matthew Bolton, co-author of Corbynism: A Critical Approach, discusses Confronting Antisemitism on the Left: Arguments for Socialists with Daniel Randall.

About this event

How has antisemitism historically manifested on the left? Is it an expression of generic antisemitism in wider society, or a distinct form of antisemitism? What are its historical roots, and what is its relationship to antizionism and political discourse about Israel/Palestine? And, crucially, how can it be overcome?

Daniel Randall, author of Confronting Antisemitism on the Left: Arguments for Socialists, will present the themes from his book and discuss these questions, and others, in conversation with Matt Bolton, co-author of Corbynism: A Critical Approach.

Daniel Randall

Daniel Randall is a railway worker and trade union activist based in London. He is a supporter of Workers’ Liberty. He has written extensively about antisemitism on the left.

Matthew Bolton

Matthew Bolton is a researcher at the Zentrum für Antisemitismusforschung, Technische Universität Berlin, exploring the conceptual development of contemporary antisemitism. He was awarded his PhD in Philosophy from the University of Roehampton in 2020. He is the co-author of Corbynism: A Critical Approach (Emerald, 2018), a critical analysis of the ideological worldview of the Corbyn movement, and has written articles for British Politics, Political Quarterly and The Journal of Contemporary Antisemitism.

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