The Journal of Contemporary Antisemitism: the leading peer-reviewed, scholarly publication in the field.

The Robert S. Wistrich Memorial Lecture 2017 Robert Wistrich and Holocaust Inversion: The British ContextLesley Klaff

Durban Antizionism: its sources, its Impact, and its Relation to older anti-Jewish Ideologies – David Hirsh and Hilary Miller

How the Word “Zionist” Functions in Antisemitic VocabularyDavid Hirsh

Continuity and Discontinuity: From Antisemitism to Antizionism and the Reconfiguration of the Jewish QuestionDavid Seymour

Labour’s Leaked Report: Who Is to Blame for Antisemitism in Britain’s Labour Party?Dave Rich

Conceptual Vandalism, Historical Distortion: The Labour Antisemitism Crisis and the Limits of Class InstrumentalismMatthew Bolton

Judeophobic Antisemitism among British Voters, 2016-2020Daniel Allington

The Contemporary Globalization of Political Antisemitism: Three Political Spaces and the Global Mainstreaming of the “Jewish Question” in the Twenty-First CenturyLars Rensmann

A Looming Threat? A Survey of Anti-Shechita Agitation in Contemporary BritainJames Mendelsohn

Antisemitism Studies: the journal published by our friends and colleagues at the Canadian Institute for the Study of Antisemitism (CISA) and Indiana University Press.

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Engage: a resource that aims to help people counter the boycott Israel campaign in general, as well as the the assumptions and misrepresentations that lie behind it.

Some links relating to the IHRA definition of antisemitism – David Hirsh

A straightforward and practical resource for understanding Labour’s antisemitism problem – David Hirsh (April 2019)

Words of ambivalence for Holocaust Memorial Day at Goldsmiths, University of London – David Hirsh

Pete Willsman and the Al Jazeera spy – David Hirsh

Why BDS is antisemitic – David Hirsh

Fathom focuses on Israel and the Middle East, but has also carried a lot of significant material on antisemitism over the years.

Intersectionality and Antisemitism – Karin Stögner

David Hirsh on fathom

Eve Garrard on fathom

Izabella Tabarovsky on fathom

Alan Johnson on fathom

Robert Fine on fathom

Philip Spencer on fathom

Dave Rich on fathom

David Hirsh in the JC

Dave Rich in the JC

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David Hirsh in JN / Times of Israel

RN31 – Ethnic Relations, Racism and Antisemitism: a network of the European Sociological Association that a number of people who are building the London Centre have been involved in, going back to 2006.

K. La Revue

Kantor Center for the Study of Contemporary European Jewry

Institute for the Study of Contemporary Antisemitism

Community Security Trust (CST)

CST blog

Academic Engagement Network (AEN)

Anti-Defamation League (ADL)

Brandeis Center for Human Rights Under Law


In Memoriam

Remembering Esti Webman
David Hirsh

Remembering Robert Fine
Philip spencer

Remembering Robert Fine – European Societies

Remembering Evelien Gans
Jazmine Contreras and Anna Hájková

Remembering Norman Geras
Eve Garrard

Remembering Pete Newbon
Fiona Sharpe

Remembering Moishe Postone

Remembering Ronald Eissens
David Hirsh

Remembering Suzette Bronkhorst
David Hirsh
Ronald and Suzette

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