The Journal of Contemporary Antisemitism

About this journal

The Journal of Contemporary Antisemitism (JCA) is the leading scholarly publication in the field. It carries original academic research papers of the highest quality: quantitative and qualitative work that pushes boundaries in terms of methodology, in terms of theoretical sophistication, in terms of the questions that are addressed and in terms of the potential for impact that the research demonstrates. It is comfortable with interdisciplinary work that relates to historical, empirical, legal, literary  and critical theory traditions. It also values work that is situated within specific  disciplines and that relates to the existing concepts and frameworks of those disciplines.

The journal is meticulous in following best academic practice in relation to editorial policy and double blind peer review procedures. But this is more than simply a formal adherence to academic rules and norms. The journal works to realise the values of research, of scholarship, of science and of philosophy in a highly contested and controversial field. The editors, the editorial board and the wider community of peer review is deep and diverse yet it is still conscious of a broad consensus of understanding of the boundaries of anti-antisemitism thinking and practice. The journal is not a space for debates between antisemites and scholars of antisemitism, it is a space for the scholarly, scientific and theoretical analysis of antisemitism from an anti-antisemitism point of view.

Since Spring 2019 the journal has been edited by Lesley Klaff (in Chief) and Daniel Allington. It comes out twice a year. There have now been six strong issues with a seventh ready for Spring ’22.

The London Centre for the Study of Contemporary Antisemitism will always help to nurture, maintain and enhance the academic status of the journal. It aims to ensure that a publication in the JCA will be more and more recognised as a measure of academic achievement. In the UK that correlates to the norms and practices laid down in the official Research Excellence Framework (REF), and that is congruent with analogous standards internationally. The London Centre hopes to be able materially, financially and academically to support the work of the journal editors.

Follow this link for the JCA website, latest issue and previous issues.

The Robert S. Wistrich Memorial Lecture 2017 Robert Wistrich and Holocaust Inversion: The British Context
Lesley Klaff

Continuity and Discontinuity: From Antisemitism to Antizionism and the Reconfiguration of the Jewish Question
David Seymour

How the Word “Zionist” Functions in Antisemitic Vocabulary
David Hirsh

Labour’s Leaked Report: Who Is to Blame for Antisemitism in Britain’s Labour Party?
Dave Rich

Conceptual Vandalism, Historical Distortion: The Labour Antisemitism Crisis and the Limits of Class Instrumentalism
Matthew Bolton

Judeophobic Antisemitism among British Voters, 2016-2020
Daniel Allington

The Contemporary Globalization of Political Antisemitism: Three Political Spaces and the Global Mainstreaming of the “Jewish Question” in the Twenty-First Century
Lars Rensmann

A Looming Threat? A Survey of Anti-Shechita Agitation in Contemporary Britain
James Mendelsohn

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