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Watch videos from our inaugural Conference in September 2022:

Jeffrey Herf “The international context of the establishment of the state of Israel”
Izabella Tabarovsky: “Soviet Antizionism as a Classic Conspiracy Theory”
Kiril Feferman: “A Force to be Reckoned with: Jews from the Soviet Security Perspective”
David Seymour: “‘Eternal Antisemitism’: A Critical Reappraisal”
Shany Mor: “Jewish, Arab and Christian anti-Zionisms”
Memphis Krickeberg: “Political antisemitism in France and Germany”
Hendrik Hebauf: The Relation between Modernity the Holocaust and Antisemitism in Biopolitical Theory
Gilbert Kahn: “21st Century Antisemitism in America—The Threat From the Right”
Karin Stögner: “Antisemitism and intersectionality: feminism, pinkwashing and ‘whiteness’”
Balázs Berkovits: “The critique of ‘white Jews’ and antizionism”
Holly Huffnagle: “AJC survey of Jews in America”
Chad Goldberg “From Multiculturalism to Antisemitism? Revisiting the Jewish Question in America”
LCSCA lecture: Alvin Rosenfeld – “The Jews Are Guilty” – Echoes of Old Religious Tropes in Today’s America

Lesley Klaff and Amy Elman

Jeffrey Herf talking about his book “Israel’s Moment”

David Hirsh

On the hostile environment on campus is an elite antisemitism

Daniel Randall and Matthew Bolton

in conversation about Daniel’s book ‘Confronting antisemitism on the left’.

Izabella Tabarovsky

on Soviet Antizionism

Philip Spencer

on antizionism and antisemitism

David Seymour

argues that antizionism is the latest articulation of the Jewish Question

Karin Stögner

Intersectionality and identity politics: between ideology and critique

Deborah Lipstadt

Understanding Antisemitism

Lesley Klaff

Lecture on the II International Conference Politics, Rights, Ethics

Anthony Julius

Willed ignorance: Reflections on academic free speech, prompted by the David Miller case

David Hirsh

David Hirsh: Antisemitism on the left — Ep. #27

Howard Jacobson and David Hirsh

Whitewashed Premiere Panel – Howard Jacobson & David Hirsh (ft. John Mann MP)

Philip Spencer

Current Debates about Antisemitism in the UK, with Philip Spencer
Philip Spencer: Antisemitism on the Left in Britain Today and the Question of Solidarity with Jews
Philip Spencer: Antisemitism in the U.K. – The Case of the Labour Party
Antisemitism then and now: a panel discussion
Contemporary Antisemitism in the UK – Online Seminar with Philip Spencer

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