Law and Antisemitism: Inaugural Conference, Indiana University, March 14 – 15.

Antisemitism is more than a hatred and a practice — it’s legal phenomenon. Join legal scholars and experts at the Law vs. Antisemitism Inaugural Conference as they discuss how law has been used both to perpetrate and to combat antisemitism, historically and today. US law in particular has been used to fight antisemitism through the constitutional separation of church and state, anti-discrimination laws, and “hate crimes” laws, among other means.

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Moderator: David Fraser (University of Nottingham, UK)
Lesley Klaff, “The Legal Construction of Jewish Identity as a ‘Protected Characteristic’ in Section 26 Equality Act 2010 (UK)” (Sheffield Hallam (UK)
Clément Labi, “Are Jews Protected as an ‘Ethnic,’ A ‘Religious’ or an ‘Ethnoreligious’ Group in the Eyes of UK Civil Rights Law?” (University of Luxembourg)

The conference web page is here:

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