LCSCA & ISCA Collaborative Online Seminar Series on Contemporary Antisemitism

Indiana events start at 12.00, noon, USA ET – 17.00 UK, 18.00 EU, 19.00 Israel.

London events start at 19.00 UK time – 14.00 ET, 20.00 EU, 21.00 Israel.

2 October 2022

Martin Kramer (Tel Aviv University/ Washington Institute for Near East Policy):

“Semites, Anti-Semites, and Bernard Lewis: The Life and Afterlife of a Seminal Book”

12 October 2022

Alvin H Rosenfeld, the Director of the Indiana University Bloomington Institute for the Study of Contemporary Antisemitism will talk about how centuries old tropes of religious antisemitism are being recycled and expressed in today’s America:

“‘The Jews are Guilty’: Contemporary Echoes of Old Religious Tropes”

video of the Alvin Rosenfeld event

16 October 2022

Thane Rosenbaum Touro University:

‘”Occupation,” “Apartheid,” and “Ethnic Cleansing”: The Trifecta Libel Against Israel’

19 October 2022

Sabine von Mering, Monika Hübscher, Sophie von Schmalenberger and Navras Aafreedi will discuss the new book:

“Antisemitism on Social Media”

video of this event

23 October 2022

Kenneth L. Marcus, Brandeis Center:

The Wayward Healer: Iatrogenic Antisemitism and the Perils of Intervention

30 October 2022

Ofir Winter, INSS, Tel Aviv University:

“Making Peace with the Jews? Contemporary Islamic Arguments for and against Normalization”

2 November 2022

Daniel Chernilo, Professor of Sociology, Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez, Chile, talks about Sigmund Freud, Jewish identity and antisemitism:

“Freud’s Moses and monotheism: Right argument at the wrong time?”

6 November 2022

Ben Cohen (The Algemeiner):

Pandemics, Hate Crimes, and Riots: Media Coverage of Antisemitism Since 2020

9 November 2022

Rafal Pankowski:

‘Antisemitism without Jews? The case of contemporary Poland’.

Video of this event

13 November 2022

Franziska Haug (Goethe-University Frankfurt am Main).

“The Function of Antisemitism in Queer-Feminist Discourse”

Postponed til January:

Adi Schwartz:

‘”Dreyfus in Babylonia” – the show trial of Shafiq Adas in Iraq , 1948 , and the fate of the MENA Jews’

23 November 2022

Anna Zawadzka:

‘Jewish Studies or Studies of Antisemitism? The Aftermath of the Official 1967-68 Antizionist Campaign – Jewish lives, attitudes, and identities in contemporary Poland’.

30 November 2022

Brad Blitz, Professor of International Politics and Policy at UCL, will discuss recent debates over the IHRA definition of antisemitism at University College London:

“Struggles over the IHRA Definition at UCL”

Video of this event

4 December 2022

Yana Grinshpun, Sorbonne Nouvelle University:

“Judeophobia and “Islamophobia” in Today’s France: Symbolism, Doxa, and Reality”

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