Anna Zawadzka was born and raised in Warsaw. She is an assistant professor at the Institute
of Slavic Studies of Polish Academy of Sciences, and a member of The Center for Cultural
and Literary Studies of Communism
. She is a sociologist, working in the areas of studies of
prejudice, Gender Studies, and theory of Pierre Bourdieu. Her research projects are usually
based on qualitative socio-ethnographic tools such as in-depth interviews, and discourse
analysis. In her research, she is particularly interested in the intersection of anti-communism
and antisemitism, “Jewish Bolshevism” stereotype, and those aspects of the historical politics
of post-communist countries that relate to the Holocaust. Currently she works on her
habilitation dedicated to the critical look at predominant methods of research on antisemitism
in Poland. She is editor-in-chief of an open access bilingual (PL-ENG) academic journal
Studia Litteraria et Historica.

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