Balázs Berkovits, Research Fellow

Balázs Berkovits was born in Budapest, and lives in Tel Aviv. He is currently a researcher at the Stephen Roth Institute, Tel Aviv University, and at the Bucerius Institute, University of Haifa. He is a member of the editorial board of the journal K. Jews, Europe and the XXIst century.

Berkovits was trained as a philosopher and a sociologist in Hungary and France (he wrote his PhD on the philosophy of Michel Foucault), and obtained a Nationalism Studies degree at Central European University, Budapest. He has published on topics related to social theory, the epistemology of the social sciences, and antisemitism. He is currently working on a study on the reemergence of the ‘Jewish problem’ in contemporary works of philosophical, social and political criticism, as well as on various projects that deal with the relationship between conspiracy theories, critique, and antisemitism.

As a journalist, he occasionally writes about the political and social situation in contemporary Hungary. 

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