Academic Director and CEO

Senior Lecturer, Goldsmiths, University of London

David Hirsh has pioneered a sociological account of contemporary antizionism and its relationship to antisemitism. He has worked on crimes against humanity, totalitarianism, democracy and populism. He teaches core Sociology, Criminology, Crimes against Humanity and Human Rights courses at UG and MA level.

He was central in building the Engage network and website that led opposition to the proposal for an academic boycott of Israel from 2004 and that led the fight against antisemitic politics in Britain, especially on campus. Hirsh was a leading critic of the ideas underpinning the Corbyn movement and he has been instrumental in shaping the democratic and Jewish responses in Britain, and further afield, to antisemitism. He has a global reputation as a scholar and as leader of the  fight against antisemitism. He has appeared as an expert witness in a number of court cases and inquiries, he has written formal reports, and he has chaired a university academic appeals panel on antisemitism.

Some of David Hirsh’s writing:


Hirsh, David. 2018. Contemporary Left Antisemitism. London: Routledge.

Hirsh, David. 2007. Law Against Genocide: Cosmopolitan Trials. London: Glasshouse.

Papers and articles:

Hirsh, David and Hilary Miller. 2022. Durban Antizionism: Its Sources, Its Impact, and Its Relation to Older Anti-Jewish Ideologies, Journal of Contemporary Antisemitism, 5(1). Dedicated to the memory of Ronald Eissens and Suzette Bronkhorst.

Hirsh, David. 2021. How the word ‘Zionist’ functions in antisemitic vocabulary, Journal of Contemporary Antisemitism, 4(2).

Hirsh, David. 2021. The Meaning of David Miller, Fathom.

In German: Antisemitismus in Großbritannien: Die Bedeutung von David Miller, Ruhrbarone.
In French: Le cas David Miller, K.

Allington, Daniel and Hirsh, David. 2019. The AzAs (Antizionist Antisemitism) Scale: Measuring Antisemitism as Expressed in Relation to Israel and Its Supporters, Journal of Contemporary Antisemitism, 2(2).

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Hirsh, David. 2015. The Corbyn left: the politics of position and the politics of reason, Fathom, Autumn.

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Hirsh, David. 2012. Portia, Shylock and the exclusion of Israeli actors from the global cultural community, Journal for the Study of Antisemitism, JSA Vol 4:3.

Hirsh, David. 2011. Israel is not an idea which requires justification, it is a nation state forged by history. In: Ben Garratt, ed. Making the progressive case for Israel: a series of essays compiled by Labour Friends of Israel. London: Labour Friends of Israel, pp. 71–76.

Hirsh, David. 2010. Accusations of malicious intent in debates about the Palestine-Israel conflict and about antisemitism: the Livingstone Formulation, ‘playing the antisemitism card’ and contesting the boundaries of antiracist discourse,’ Transversal. Zeitschrift für jüdische Studien, 11:1.

Hirsh, David. 2007. Anti-Zionism and Antisemitism: Cosmopolitan Reflections. Yale Initiative for the Interdisciplinary Study of Antisemitism (YIISA) Occasional Papers, New Haven, CT.

Hirsh, David. 2001. The trial of Andrei Sawoniuk: Holocaust testimony under cross-examination. Social and Legal Studies, Vol 10:4. 


Hirsh, David and Anisfeld, Ollie. 2017. Whitewashed: Anti-Semitism in the Labour Party. Produced Judith Ornstein.

Frankenthal, Andrea and Hirsh, David. 2019. Forced Out: The Labour Antisemitism Resignation Letters. Produced Judith Ornstein.


Hirsh, David and Miller, Hilary. 2021. The UN Durban Antiracist Process: Projecting Racism Onto Israel. Jewish Journal, 19 September 2021.

Hirsh, David. 2021. The Jerusalem Declaration defines the “community of the good”, not antisemitism. Jewish Chronicle, 1 April 2021.

‌Hirsh, David. 2021. The Miller defenders’ letter shows how deep the issues around antisemitism go in academia. Jewish Chronicle, 26 February 2021.

Hirsh, David. 2021. A safe space for hate? How the UCU has an antisemitism problem. Left Foot Forward, 16 February 2021.

Hirsh, David. 2021. It was the new phenomenon of Israel-focused antisemitism that required the new definition of antisemitism. Fathom, January 2021.

Hirsh, David. 2020. Jews are asking for protection from their universities from antisemitism. Fathom, December 2020.

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Hirsh, David. 2020. To understand Labour antisemitism, we need the detail and the big picture. Jewish Chronicle, 10 September 2020.

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Hirsh David. 2018. Sorry Judas, the joke is not funny any more. Jewish Chronicle, 26 October 2018.

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Hirsh, David. 2016. Boycott Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) and Antisemitism, Academic Engagement Network Series, no.1.  December 2016.  Pamphlet. Keynote presentation from AEN conference in May 2016.  

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Participant in BBC Radio 4, ‘Antisemitism on the Left’ The Briefing Room, David Aaronovitch, 19 May 2016.

Hirsh, David. 2016. The Livingstone Formulation fails to rescue Livingstone., April 28 2016.

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Hirsh David. 2013. Struggles over the Boundaries of Legitimate Discourse: Antisemitism and Bad-Faith Allegations. In Charles Asher Small (Ed) Global Antisemitism: A Crisis of Modernity Vol V, Reflections, New York: ISGAP 2013, pp. 89-94.

Hirsh, David. 2012. Defining antisemitism down: The EUMC working definition and its disavowal by the university & college union. Fathom, 1(1), pp. 30–39.

Hirsh, David. 2011. No such thing as a victimless boycott. Mail & Guardian, Johannesburg, 15 April 2011.

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Hirsh, David. 2008. Unjust, unhelpful: arguments against the academic boycott of Israel. Democratiya 13, Summer 2008. Also the following debate with Martin Shaw in Democratiya 14.

34 op-ed blog pieces on the Guardian’s Comment Is Free website.

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