John Mann, Patron

Baron Mannof Holbeck Moor in the City of Leeds
Chair of the National Organisation of labour Students (NOLS) 1983-4
MP for Bassetlaw, 2001-19
UK Government Independent Advisor on Antisemitism

John was the person who made the All-Party Parliamentary Group against Antisemitism happen; he was its inspiration and he was its engine. He was one of the key forces behind the drive to replicate its success in Parliaments around the world with the Inter-parliamentary Coalition for Combating Antisemitism.

John Mann famously challenged Ken Livingstone about his claim that “Hitler supported Zionism” in 1932 before going “mad and killing six million Jews”. David Hirsh writes: “Mann confronted Livingstone as he entered a BBC radio building on 28 April 2016, the same day he made the claim about Hitler. Mann managed to accuse Livingstone, loudly and clearly, in front of a TV crew, of being a ‘disgusting racist’, of ‘re-writing history’, of ‘lying’ and of being a ‘Nazi apologist’. Video of the confrontation went viral on social media within an hour, and it appeared on television and radio news and in the papers the next day. In mainstream discourse, the accusation that the Jewish state had been supported by Hitler and the assertion that Hitler only ‘went mad’, read became genocidal, after 1932 looked eccentric…”

John Mann was a leading opponent of Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership of the Labour Party.

image By Roger Harris –, CC BY 3.0,

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