Lesley Klaff, Research Fellow and Editor in Chief of the Journal of Contemporary Antisemitism

Senior Lecturer, Law, Sheffield Hallam University; Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Contemporary Antisemitism.

Lesley Klaff picked up the Journal of Contemporary Antisemitism when it was flailing and made it into the leading journal, globally, in its field. She writes on contemporary and campus antisemitism. She has done ground-breaking work on Holocaust distortion and inversion and on the legal construction of Jewish identity and antisemitism. Klaff is currently participating in a funded research project with five other academic women on Islamophobic and antisemitic hate speech directed at women on social media; to provide a report for the Online Harms Regulator, to be established by the Online Safety Bill currently going through Parliament. She teaches law and is a veteran of the campaigning effort against antisemitism in Britain since its re-emergence after the Durban conference in 2001. 

In 2018 she was named by The Algemeiner as one of the top 100 people ‘positively influencing Jewish life’. 

The Hon. Kenneth L. Marcus said of her: ‘In the field of anti-Semitism studies, Lesley Klaff is one of the world’s leading legal scholars. As an author, editor, testifying expert, and activist, Klaff is highly regarded internationally for her broad knowledge and insightful analysis.’ 

Lesley Klaff’s publications can be viewed via the following link:


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