Marcin Starnawski

Marcin Starnawski is an assistant professor at the University of Lower Silesia in Wrocław where he teaches sociology and education. He wrote on antisemitism in communist Poland and the Jewish exiles, and other topics related to nationalism, discrimination, social movements, and education. His major book is an award-winning Socialization and Jewish Identity in Post-WWII Poland (in Polish, 2016). He published in East European Jewish AffairsPatterns of PrejudiceJewish History QuarterlyBritish Journal of Sociology of Education, and others. He is a convenor of ESREA Migration, Transnationalism and Racisms Network (European Society for Research on the Education of Adults). He currently heads the project “Jews in Poland in the aftermath of the 1967-68 antisemitic campaign: biographic experience, identity changes and community dynamics” – a transdisciplinary collaboration of three academic institutions in Poland.

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